Infrared Assisted Microsclerotherapy

Advantages of Infrared Assisted Microsclerotherapy:


  • Gives better and superior results to sclerotherapy alone for treatment of spider and thread veins
  • Can demonstrate spider veins and reticular veins very clearly so accurate treatment occurs
  • Can demonstrate the feeding veins of the spider and thread veins thereby giving excellent results
  • Can demonstrate successful treatment of the spider , thread and feeding veins
  • Very useful in treating abnormal groin and vulval veins
  • Very useful in treating unusual varicose veins and recurrent varicose veins

Infra-red assisted microsclerotherapy is a very effective treatment for thread veins, spider veins and broken veins. The infra-red assistance allows for visualisation of the feeding spider veins that ensures that the treatment is targeted to the correct area.

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Conditions treated by Infrared Assisted Microsclerotherapy

  • Thread Veins / Spider Veins
  • Hand, Arm and Foot Veins

 Once the correct vein has been targeted our team will administer a fluid with the help of a very fine – almost invisible – needle. This fluid sticks the walls of the thread, spider or broken vein together so that blood cannot return.

The walls of the thread vein, spider vein or broken vein that have been damaged by the injection are slowly removed by the body’s natural defence mechanisms over a period of months. Once the vein has been injected it can take between two weeks to six months for it to completely disappear. On rare occasions it can take up to a year.

Infra-red assisted microsclerotherapy treatment is suitable for the vast majority of small, clearly visible thread veins, spider veins and broken veins. Several treatment sessions may be needed depending on the extent of the thread veins. This safe and effective treatment has been used on hundreds of thousands of patients around the world.

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