Radiofrequency Vein Ablation (RFA)

Advantages of Radiofrequency Vein Ablation:


  • Gold standard treatment of varicose veins ( along with endo venous laser ablation)
  • Keyhole treatment
  • Relatively painless and return to work within 24 hours
  • Useful in treating primary varicose vein

As we have moved away from the old fashioned treatments of varicose veins, the British Varicose Vein Centre has been able to use cutting edge technology to continue to treat our patients with the same level of success but by more modern methods.

Whereas conditions historically would have been dealt with by stripping veins we can now offer a number of far less invasive methods as treatment. One of these is radiofrequency vein ablation or RFA. Not only is RFA less painful it is proven to cause fewer complications after the procedure is carried out.

In this treatment, infrared energy is delivered to the vein walls directly by heating a catheter tip with radiofrequency energy. The heat delivered to the vein causes the vessels to shrink the targeted area. A duplex ultrasound is carried out to pinpoint the problem area so our practitioners can deal with the condition with the minimum of fuss.

We advise compression of the affected area following the treatment. This helps reduce postoperative bruising and tenderness.

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Conditions treated by Radiofrequency Vein Ablation

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