Stenting Of Veins

Advantages of Stenting Of Veins:


  • Minimally invasive
  • Can be carried out under local anaesthetic
  • Quick recovery

Sometimes veins become narrow or blocked reducing the flow of blood around the body. One of the ways the highly skilled team at the British Varicose Vein Centre can treat this uncomfortable condition is to place a stent in the affected vein. A stent is a wire mesh tube that can be permanently placed within the vessel to allow the blood to flow normally.

This minimally invasive procedure involves a stent placed over a balloon-tipped catheter which is guided into the problem area. Once it is in position the balloon is inflated to widen the walls of the vein. As veins have an elastic nature they will automatically retract so the stent is placed to keep the vein from narrowing permanently. The balloon is deflated and the catheter is taken out.

The stent ensures that the vein does not repeatedly narrow and cause blockages that form varicose veins.

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