Patient Journey

Our patients’ safety and care is of the upmost importance to us at the British Varicose Vein Centre so here are some brief aspects of the treatment you will recieve:

All our treatments are carried out by highly trained endovenous vein specialists in a central London hospital with bespoke pre-operative and aftercare facilities open 24 hours a day.

Initial outpatient assessment and full ultrasound scan where a report will be produced and recommendations made.

If the treatment is to remove visible lumpy varicose veins it will take place in just one hospital session with no need for repeat visits.

A team of dedicated and highly trained ward nurses and theatre staff looking after your care during your stay

Private en suite room

Free car parking for all patients and their families

On the day of treatment the patient will be met by a hospital concierge one hour before the treatment is scheduled to take place and taken to a private room. There they will be greeted by a nurse who will carry out routine checks including blood pressure and a medical history.

The patient will then be escorted to the operating theatre where the vein treatment will take place with or without sedation as per the patient’s request. After the treatment they will spend 20-30 minutes in the theatre recovery zone before being returned to their private room where they will be fed.

The patient will be able to leave whenever they feel comfortable and arrangements have been made. This is usually after around 1-2 hours. There is then an outpatient follow up about 1-2 weeks after the treatment.

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