Conditions: Thread veins
Treatment: Endovenous laser ablation & infra-red sclertherotherapy

Miss DH is a 33 year old accountant.

When Miss DH came to the British Varicose Vein Centre She was single, tearful and was ashamed of her legs as she had a number of widespread thread veins on her legs that she did not wish anyone to see them.

To complicate things Miss DH had very pale skin which showed her normal leg veins as well. Miss DH underwent a screening diagnostic duplex ultrasound scan of her legs.

This demonstrated that there were feeding varicose veins causing her thread veins in addition to the normal “see through skin” veins.

Miss DH underwent endovenous laser ablation to her varicose veins followed by a course of infra-red sclertherotherapy to treat the thread veins and the see through veins.

After the full treatment Miss DH was very delighted with the treatment. As a result Miss DH became more self assured with her appearance got herself a partner, was able to wear bikini’s and go on beach holidays for the first time in a very long time.

DH even smiles when she remembers how she felt when she first visited the British Varicose Vein Centre.