Conditions: Thread veins
Treatment: Endovenous laser ablation & infra-red sclertherotherapy

It may seem very surprising but many teenagers can develop varicose veins. JW is a 27 year old
mother who came to see me as she never showed her legs to anyone, never wore dresses, as she was bullied at school because she had extensive thread veins all over her leg.

It even affected which holidays she chose. JW felt she was far too young to go through her life ashamed about her appearance and lacking self confidence so she decided to do something about it and came to the British Varicose Vein Centre.

duplex ultrasound revealed that there was an underlying feeding varicose vein that was causing her thread veins.

JW underwent endovenous laser ablation of her underlying varicose veins followed by a course of infra-red sclerotherapy and micro sclerotherapy.

After a very successful course of treatment JW is wearing the dresses she always wished she could wear and is enjoying holidays in the Caribbean.