Conditions: Varicose veins, thread veins and spider veins
Treatment: Endovenous laser ablation & infra red guided sclerotherapy

Mrs AW is a lovely 67 year old mother and housewife who has been embarrassed and uncomfortable about the appearance of her legs all her life.

She always covered her legs, never wore dresses and or even a swimming costume. At the age of 67 and having always dedicated her time to her family and bringing up her children she decided to do something for herself and treat her varicose and extensive thread veins.

Mrs AW had endovenous laser ablation to treat her underlying varicose veins and a course of infra red guided sclerotherapy to treat her purple spider/thread veins.

Mrs AW is now ecstatic about her legs and looks forward to the summer where she can wear dresses and not feel uncomfortable any more on the beach.